Lumières Marines Production proposes their services in aerial photography and video by drone in ‘La Manche’, in Normandy (France) and all around the world.
Lumières Marines Production : a team of aerial videography and photography specialists by drone are at your service. We do more than just talk about technology, we offer you over 20 years of practical experience in photography and aerial video.


What could be more beautiful than the discovery of a region, cities and sites as seen from the sky? The drone has now become the reference tool for aerial shots noted for its qualities of stability, ease of implementation, versatility and operating costs. Rediscover and share our environment from unique angles and let us create for you incredible images with high visual impact.

We implement the best technology combined with our vast experience in audiovisuals and still photography to achieve your aerial images in high definition.

Writing, story-boarding, directing, shooting, editing, post production ... Lumières Marines Production adapts to suit your needs and will be there to assist you throughout your project.

A detailed estimate is given for each inquiry into our taylormade services for video or photography.

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We work with the best technological solutions available and our fleet of drones are renewed regularly. We work on each shoot with two drones to suit all situations and we are fully equipped with enough batteries to allow for continuous shooting. Our drones are approved by the DGAC (General Direction of Civil Aviation, France) and we have the necessary authorisation from the regional government offices to fly over populated towns and areas (Scenario S-1 and S-3). Lumières Marines Production is fully covered with a professional liability insurance for the making of aerial imagery using drones.

Our drones :

Hexacopter 6 motors are used for exterior shots and they are equipped with a fluid and stable platform and active camera stabilisation.

Quadricopter 4 engines are ideal for small spaces and interiors and are also equipped with a smooth and stable platform and active camera stabilisation.

The pilot, the cameraman and the client all have access to monitors in order to approve the images as they happen.

About Us

Jérôme Houyvet has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Passionate about sports, he quickly specialised in nautical and aerial shots after working as the official photographer for the Civil Defence in France. As a microlight pilot, he has completed several hundred hours of flight and is also experienced in aerial photography by helicopter, paramotor, ultralight, gyrocopter and drone. He recently published several books of aerial photography taken over the region of Normandy. His expertise in the aviation field and his excellent sense of framing and lighting will accompany you throughout your shoot.

Jérôme Houyvet is a specialist in drone videography and photography and is registreted by the DGAC for flying over populated areas (Scenario S-1 and S-3).

Thibault Lebouteiller, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Communication Techniques, specialising in Audio-Visual. He is our video man. A great technician, cameraman and editor, he is the eye of the drone. His calm demeanor and dexterity with technology guarantee the success of your projects. The legend says that his height would let him take aerial shots without even the need for a drone ...


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project requirements or to ask any questions you may have :

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